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Creative in the great outdoors

Need a landscaping company in Eindhoven? We would like to get in touch with you without obligation to discuss the options for the construction or professional maintenance of your garden. In our inspiration room in Valkenswaard we can show you many examples of realized gardens and 3D garden designs. Whether it concerns maintenance or construction of your garden? Feel free to contact us. We work for private and business customers.


Allow yourself the convenience of a gardener

Your garden is alive and in constant motion; plants grow, seasons change. That is why it is important to maintain your garden well. You probably don't always have time for that. So allow yourself the convenience of a gardener. Somers Tuinen, one of the leading gardening companies in Eindhoven and surroundings, helps you to maintain and lay out your garden. Both private and business customers.  


From professional design to your own sketch, from completely new landscaping to trimming that hedge you dread. With extensive experience in working for individuals and companies, Somers Tuinen is also your preferred horticultural company in Eindhoven when the greenery simply has to be good!


Our clientele is now well aware of our craftsmanship. As a (potential) customer of Somers Tuinen, you can count on expertise in the field of 3D garden design, landscaping and maintenance of your garden, such as pruning, harvesting, planting trees, shrubs, lawn construction, lawn mowing, robotic mower, etc. outdoor areas, canopies, fertilizing, scarifying lawn, paving of tiles and paving stones, terrace, driveway, fence, masonry, (swimming) ponds and electricity.

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Somers Hoveniers
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