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Stylish Forest Garden

The existing pond was already present on a spacious forest plot. We made sure that the pond took shape again and a new sheeting was placed. Then powerful elements were added to create a beautiful fusion of forest and home. The forest character has been emphatically preserved.


The wooden decking, created with age-old bollards, forms the soul of the garden and continues from the house into the pond. The differences in height are compensated for by placing a white retaining wall over the entire length of the terrace, with steps from the terrace to the deck in between. Sloping steps on the side have also been subtly incorporated into the lawn. A real football field has been created on the side of the garden for the children. The client mainly wanted a natural living garden that would fit in perfectly with the house. A garden where they can be together with their family, friends and relatives.

Somers Hoveniers
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