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Creative in the great outdoors

The perfect outdoor space how do you create it? Where does your living space begin and where does it end?  From where does the feeling of coming home and feeling at home grow? For professional garden construction in Eindhoven and surroundings you are at Somers Tuinen  at the right place. We have already been able to create a beautiful outdoor experience for many satisfied customers, which they can enjoy every day. We would like to welcome you in our inspiration room at 87 Willibrorduslaan in Valkenswaard to discuss the possibilities. You can also contact us for irrigation, garden lighting, swimming pond, canopies, outdoor areas, pergolas, planting plans, fencing and paving.

Your dream garden is taking shape

The basis for a beautiful garden lies in a good and well thought-out garden design. If you don't have a garden design yet, our own experienced landscape architect will get to work for you: a custom 3D garden design. After the design and quotation phase, it really starts to happen: your dream garden is taking shape. Your landscaping in Eindhoven is about to start.  

Professional craftsmanship

If you hire a professional to perform garden landscaping or maintenance, you assume that this will also be done in a professional manner. Your garden is an extension of your home, which you would like to enjoy carefree. Our people are all certified as skilled landscape gardeners and work from their passion to create perfect outdoor spaces. They do this efficiently and precisely, with an eye for detail. We work with sustainable and high-quality materials and plants. You know in advance where you stand and can always fall back on your regular point of contact. Your outdoor space is ready to use… for now and for many years to come.

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Somers Hoveniers
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