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Professional garden maintenance in Eindhoven

Everything that grows and blooms needs maintenance. Maybe you have green fingers? You may prefer to leave it to us. Our customers can use different types of maintenance. We find a suitable solution for every garden. Annual, monthly or weekly garden maintenance? Perhaps you only want to have the annual major service performed such as the spring service, summer service and winter service? Examples of maintenance work in the garden are pruning/cutting plants, hedges, borders and trees, making borders and weeds free of leaves and weeds, fertilizing the lawn, fertilizing the planting groups, scarifying the lawn, cutting the lawn edges, weed control, - and closing of irrigation system, pond maintenance, etc. Inform without obligation about the possibilities for your garden maintenance in Eindhoven.

Garden maintenance company garden in Eindhoven

Many business customers already use our maintenance services. After all, the appearance of your company garden is the business card of your company. Curious about what Somers Tuinen can do for your company? Ask for the possibilities. You have also come to the right place for the design and construction of your company garden.

Certified Gardeners

Our people are all certified as skilled landscape gardeners and work from their passion to create and maintain gardens. When is the best time to fertilize the garden or in which seasons is it best to prune/cut which planting groups? Our landscapers can tell you all about this and carry out their work efficiently and precisely, with an eye for detail. You know in advance where you stand and can always fall back on your regular point of contact. 


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